Baptism Class

Welcome to the Baptism Preparation Class

This class is for the Parents and Godparents.  Please watch All 8 of the Belonging videos below.  Each one is a short video on a different topic.  It should take about an hour and a half to complete. 

Role of Godparents

What's in a Name?

Real Relationship

Liar, Lunatic or Lord

Child of God

Real Change

Your Family

Rite of Baptism

The Parent's Guide is a PDF for you to download and/or print.

Parent's Guide

Once you're done with the videos, there is a questionaire for the parents and the godparents.  Each parent and godparent should do their own questionaire. 


Once the questionnaire is complete, please scan and email back to the office.  You may also drop off or mail in.  If you would lik your certificate mailed, please provide an address in the email or write it on the form, otherwise, it will be emailed.  Your certificate will be issued, once answers are checked. 

After all parties have completed the class, and all paperwork is in, you will be able to schedule the Baptism by calling the office.


From the Parents:

1.  Please fill out the Baptism Registration Form and return as soon as possible

2.  Provide a copy of the child's birth certificate

3.  Take the Baptism Class

Baptism Registration Form

From the Godparents:

1.  Provide copies of their sacraments

2. Provide letter from their parish stating that they are active and qualify to be Godparents

3.  Take the Baptism Class

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